Posted on September 08, 2009

Dearest Reader,

First off, I’m moving away from Wordpress so expect some hiccups as the blog transitions (especially around RSS).

Secondly, I will blog more. More posts about infosec tech, less on career/development. Based on the number of posts thus far, this point may well be moot. To that end, I’m “importing” some blog posts I wrote elsewhere during my “unfaithful” blogging period. I’m sure that will mangle the RSS feed so you may see some duplicates.

If you don’t like what you see, feel free to move along – no hard feelings eh?

I’m off to flick some switches…


Update: old comments currently barfed – plan to fix (I value the comments). Oh, and from the department of the obvious, I forgot to mention the design change. I’m sure to tweak as we go along but happy so far.