Thoughts From BruCON

Posted on September 21, 2009

Me presenting at the 1st BruCON

Photo courtesy of Dale Pearson

Hacking for B33R!

The first BruCON took place in Brussels, Belgium this past Friday and Saturday.

It was organised by Sebastien, Filip, Pieter, Philippe and Benny (web, twitter) and their band of merry men (aka “the crew”) and they just set the bar for new security conferences. This did not feel like a version 1.0 conference at all.

The “Surf House” conference facilities were excellent – both the main conference room (with 5 large projector screens) and the “lounge” area (complete with bar, lighting and booming sound system) made for a relaxing space

The talks were solid – good mix of technical and not-so-technical drawn from a mix of European countries and the US. The goal for next year is to increase the number of Belgians presenters – a good idea IMO and something that shouldn’t be hard to do based on some of the locals I chatted with.

My talk was called “The Belgian Beer Lovers Guide to Cloud Security” (slides). I was last on the schedule so employed some cheap tactics to boost numbers and keep people awake (beware the free beer ploy!). I can confirm that the allure of Belgian beer proved a valiable tool in the fight against “mind trips”…

Chris John Riley (web, twitter) did a sterling job blogging the talks.

The event was recorded and the videos will be uploaded shortly (I’ll update this post with a link).

The Belgians sure know how to run a decent hacking con – I definitely plan to attend next year. To be informed when the next BruCON happens, you should join this mailing list.