Standing Out In A Pool of InfoSec Wannabes: Are You Special Enough?

Posted on July 16, 2008

Are You Special Enough?

I stumbled across a great video on a blog post from the SOURCE Boston conference.

Careers in information security are often difficult to navigate, with the industry changing more and more radically every year. This is even more true in an economy that isn’t necessarily thriving. We’re going to talk about the important skills, traits and knowledge that a security pro needs to build a long-term and successful career – not just the usual stuff (like “get certified”), but the real-world knowledge that teaches you how to have the job that keeps you challenged, growing and well-compensated.

If you are even thinking about a role in Information Security or wandering about your next step in the industry - this in-depth talk by Lee Kushner and Mike Murray is for you.

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How do you keep yourself special? Share in the comments…