10 Ways To Cheat At Being An IT Security Professional.

Posted on May 18, 2008

About myths and t-shirts

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  1. Be A Security Cool Cat: Place penguin stickers on every surface in your cubicle. Stick at least 3 on the dual boot company issued laptop (that hasn’t had a kernel upgrade in 6 months). Use BlackHat stickers for bonus points.
  2. Be An Undercover Open Source Evangelist: Unfailingly, recommend open source solutions as more secure. Be sure to quote ‘more eyes, less vulnerabilities’. Recite frequently . Always forward security advisories about commercial products to your boss.
  3. Walk the Tech Talk: Learn at Least 10 Bash Keyboard Shortcuts. Treat this as a party trick. Perform rapidly in sequence whenever anyone watches your screen. Giggle and pass the keyboard over and say ‘Your turn!’.
  4. Be All Knowing, Jedi Warrior!: Say ‘Trust but verify’ whenever you are asked a question you do not understand. Make it clear in meetings that you trust no-one and “verify” solely through a Google/Secunia search.
  5. Impress with a Penetration Test!: Download Metasploit, spend 7 hours modifying the web interface: create custom graphics and hack up the CSS files. Start Metasploit running before you leave for the day. Use Camtasia to capture all screen activity so you can review in the morning. If all went well upload to YouTube and link out via facebook.
  6. Practice Defense In Depth’: When you are asked ‘What is the Risk?’, grin inanely and say ‘I’ll tell you after I break out the vulnerability scanners’. Run at least 3 vulnerability scanners to get ‘defense in depth’.
  7. Latest *Is* Greatest!: Clipboard stealing attacks are *always* a bigger issue than the CISCO infrastructure with default passwords (how did they get there?!).
  8. Educate The Great Unwashed with a Deep Dive Security Awareness Program. Educate end-users about Cross Site Scripting and SQL injection attacks. Don’t invite the outsourced developers - they already know this stuff and have deadlines to meet.
  9. Impress Your Peers - Perfect the RFC Shoutout: Pick at least 10 common protocols and learn the associated RFC numbers. Intimidate IT colleagues by shouting out the RFC numbers whenever they mention the protocol.
  10. Start A Security Blog: What Can I Say? :D